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Accident Injury? You don’t have to live in Pain.

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  • ER is great for broken bones. No treatment for whiplash
  • We SPECIALIZE in accident injuries
  • We can help you find a great Attorney

We can help find easy ways to pay:

  • Health Insurance
  • Attorney Liens (PI Settlement)
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Think you can wait?  Think again!

  • Waiting can make your problem worse.
  • Without treatment, whiplash & back pain worsen over time.


Success Story

I am a stubborn man. I have most often done things my way and lived with the consequences. 6 months ago at the request of my wife, I agreed to go with her to a Cellular Healing health seminar sponsored by Valhalla Wellness and Medical Center.

I suffer from an auto accident and have been using their medical services to manage pain naturally through chiropractic and massage therapy. Through this time, I have been experiencing some additional health concerns: extra weight gain, leg pain, high blood pressure and general declining health.

The approach taken by Dr. Yamane has helped me. Yes, I have had to change my habits, discipline myself and learn to enjoy healthier foods. The Cellular Healing Diet has taught me that I can still have many of the foods I love though and still lose weight.

Wayne S.